Functional medicine practitioner and best-selling author Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS founded one of the world’s top natural health websites, An article posted to his website makes 4,000,000 impressions! We were thrilled when Spartan Focus was included in an article posted on the site, especially because it was written by another popular and highly respected healthcare professional. 

The article, “How to Form Healthy Habits and Commit to Exercise,” was written by Bryce Wylde, Bsc, DHMHS, who is familiar to TV viewers across the U.S. and Canada. An adventure athlete and best-selling author as well as a functional medicine practitioner, Wylde has a legion of fans because of his fun, relatable style. 

The Chemistry of Commitment 

In this article, Wylde points out that finding the motivation to exercise is toughest when you’re out of shape and carrying those extra pounds. Once you get into a routine, staying motivated isn’t as hard. He introduces readers to what he calls “The Chemistry of Commitment”: learning how to fire up the portions of your brain that will help you stay motivated and focused.

In addition to recommending certain foods and exercises to help motivate people to practice healthier habits, Wylde specifically called out Spartan Focus. “One easy shortcut is supplementing with slow release caffeine and L-theanine.” he wrote. “This ingredient combination, widely available as Spartan Focus, sharpens your mental preparation and helps you stay in the zone. As important, it won’t give you caffeine jitters or make you nauseous.”

The Power of Spartan Focus 

Spartan Focus sharpens mental preparation and performance to help Spartan Warriors stay focused, optimize reflexes and stay in the zone. This trusted blend of Suntheanine with Raw Coffee Powder provides smooth, balanced energy and focus. These clinically tested ingredients have been shown to increase focus, concentration and mental clarity.

Spartan Focus is Informed Sport certified, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan.